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Our methods are research-based and proven to be effective.
Our evidence-based approach to addiction treatment utilizes Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.


We don’t just treat addiction, we change lives.
Through utilizing evidence-based practices, focusing on building a lasting rapport with our clients and helping to position them on the road to a life they love, our clients have the best possible opportunity at long-term recovery.

Welcome to NorthStar Transitions Denver addiction treatment website. NorthStar Transitions is a Colorado state licensed substance abuse and addiction treatment center located in Denver, Colorado. NorthStar’s Denver addiction treatment program works specifically with young adult clients 18-35 years old. The NorthStar addiction treatment program consists of sober living homes centrally located in Denver, Colorado, Intensive Outpatient (IOP) addiction treatment Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30pm-8:30pm, weekly individual and family therapy and twice weekly drug and alcohol testing.

NorthStar’s Denver sober living homes are well-appointed homes in some of the nicest neighborhoods in Denver near Washington Park, Five Points, SOBO, and University of Denver. All of NorthStar’s Denver sober living homes come fully furnished including cable, wifi, cooking utensils, queen sized beds and linens. Food is included in the cost of NorthStar’s Denver sober living homes. NorthStar allows a maximum of 8 clients per Denver sober living home to ensure that clients have ample space and privacy. Most NorthStar Transitions Denver sober living home clients will begin sober living in a shared room and transition to a private room by their second or third month in the program. Clients living in the Denver sober living homes are required to participate in Intensive Outpatient (IOP) addiction treatment. The minimum length of stay in NorthStar’s Denver sober living homes is 90 days.


NorthStar maintains an office in central Denver where intensive outpatient addiction treatment services are offered on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30pm-8:30pm. Intensive outpatient addiction treatment is a form of group therapy that incorporates education about addiction and the effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain and body, emotional regulation skills, life skills, relapse prevention skills, mindfulness and group process. Included in the intensive outpatient program are weekly individual and family therapy sessions. Denver addiction treatment clients are also tested twice weekly for drugs and alcohol to ensure sobriety. Clients must participate in NorthStar’s Intensive Outpatient addiction treatment for a minimum of 90 days. NorthStar’s Intensive Outpatient addiction treatment program is available to anyone residing in the Denver area and is not limited to clients living in our Denver sober living homes.


Clients participating in Phase 1 of NorthStar’s Denver addiction treatment program are also provided with 9 hours per week of one-on-one addiction recovery coaching. The job of the addiction recovery coach is to help clients become involved with the local Denver recovery community, help clients to secure jobs or return to school and work on other practical goals and objectives with the client.


NorthStar works with several addiction psychiatrists in the Denver Metro Area for clients needing psychiatric evaluation or prescription medications.


Most client’s enrolling in the NorthStar Denver addiction treatment program have already completed a 30 day residential inpatient addiction treatment or rehab program. Client’s who have not completed a 30 day inpatient drug or alcohol rehab program will be considered for admission to NorthStar on a case-by-case basis.


It is the goal of NorthStar to have each client sober, working, in school and engaged with the local Denver recovery community upon completion of NorthStar’s Denver addiction treatment program.


NorthStar’s Denver addiction treatment center and sober living program welcomes your inquiries and questions. Please reach out to one of our admissions representatives if you have any questions regarding our program. NorthStar admissions staff can be contacted at 303-558-6400 or


NorthStar’s Denver addiction treatment center accepts most private insurances. Please click HERE to verify your substance abuse treatment insurance benefits.

At Denver Addiction Treatment we realize that each client is unique and presents with their own individual needs. We are proud to be able to tailor our approach to each client addressing their individual substance abuse issues, family issues and logistical needs. Whatever the needs of the client and the family, we have the resources, skill and experience to get it done.
In addition to our Life Skills Counseling Program and New Vision Program, Denver Addiction Treatment also offers a variety of adjunct therapeutic services. These include: Sober Transport Services, therapeutic placement consulting, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Drug & Alcohol Interventions, Substance Abuse Counseling, Denver Sober Living Homes, and live-in sober companions.

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Our admissions representatives are here to help. We welcome inquiries and look forward to the opportunity to answer your questions.

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“We were referred to NorthStar Transitions by our son’s therapist. Since enrolling in NorthStar, our son has participated in their intensive outpatient program, obtained employment and began working with a sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous. I truly appreciate the individual attention my son has received while at NorthStar and I am feeling very hopeful for the future.”
Jeff and Mariam G., Westchester County, NY